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Kingdom Hearts Last Icon Maker Standing
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Hello and welcome to LJ's most recent LIMS challenge: kingdom_lims. For those of you who don't know, LIMS stand for last icon maker standing.

There will be a general sign-up for each new 'DRIVE' the first week of every month. Each 'DRIVE' will consist as many 'FORMS' as needed for the ammount of makers who have signed up.

Signing Up

During the first week of every month, I will set up a 'sign up' post for the newest 'DRIVE'. There needs to be at least 10 icon makers signed up before I start that 'DRIVE' (it will be left open until the end of the previous 'DRIVE'). At the beginning up each month, a new 'DRIVE' will start.

i.e. During the first week of the new MONTH, there will be a 'SIGN UP, DRIVE Y' and a 'SUBMISSION, DRIVE X, FORM A'. Savvy?

Each 'FORM' will last for one week. Schedule will run as follows (shameless stolen modified rules from the user info in ff_lims:

Friday: A new theme for the 'FORM' goes up. Themes are anything and everything that I can think of. Wednesday: Icons are due; voting begins. Friday: Eliminations and winners are announced and a new 'FORM' begins.

It will make more sense once things start running smoothly.


Want to start making icons for this chellenge? Before you enter an icon into the newest theme, you need to SIGN UP. Being a member also helps.

1) Enteries are accepted Friday through Wednesday (unless I'm out, but that will be the normal schedule).
2) Icons must be made specifically for the contest. It can't be something you made five weeks ago for some random community and happen to fit the theme.
3) Icons cannot be publically displayed on your personal journal, icon journal, other icon comunities, or other websites. Hell, it just can't be shown anywhere. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be removed from the current 'DRIVE' and warned. After three warnings, the mods have the right to kick you out. Icons cannot be displayed until the winners for the current 'FORM' are announced. Then feel free to have an icon showing party.
4) Once you sign up, you MUST participate in the rounds until you are eliminated. Failing to do so will result in the removal of you from the current 'DRIVE'.


The voting for the current 'FORM' will go up on Wednesday.

1) You must vote for your two least favorite icons. Least Favorite Icon #1 is one that you just don't like plain and simple. Or, just the one that is less visually appealing than the others. Least Favorite Icon #2 is one that doesn't quite suit your fancy, but you like it better than LVI #1 :D
2) While telling the mods which two icons were your least favorite, please explain why. Leave some constructive criticism. This way, the icon maker can improve on his/her icon making!
3) Don't vote for yourself. Vanity is a sin. And stupid. Why would you want to get out faster?
4) Don't get others to vote the way you vote. As in, don't recruit your friends to vote for the icons you don't like. Because that's just silly. Not like it affects you any way.


I will affiliate with any other LIMS community or any other KH related icontest community. Just leave a comment on the latest post with the subject as 'Affiliate?' Also, we have been listed in the LIMS list lol

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